Laboratory of Molecular Biology of Viruses

Research into developing processes for the synthesis of RNA and proteins that regulate replication cycle and formation of new particles (morphogenesis); assessment of viral transcription in vitro systems and in vivo; comparative analysis of some virulence factors in CTGV and 10C viruses; comparative evaluation of the response of Cantagalo viruses to antiviral drugs and 10C; understanding the role that CypA and other CYPs as CYPB and Cyp40, play in the viral replicative cycle. Furthermore, we analyzed the antiviral potential of other drugs like Brequinar, Cidofovir and piperine.


Clarissa Damaso- Head of Laboratory

Phd Students

Priscila Afonso

Laila Schnellrath

Maria Luiza Medaglia

Undergraduate Students

Mario Fernandes

Bárbara Rezende

Mariana  Dias

Structural and Molecular Biology
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